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Bella Italia


There are certain images of Italy that everyone is familiar with, mostly involving Tuscan villas. What I am sharing here is NOT quite so stereotypical.  We spent this past weekend in Trento, a city so far north it approaches the border with Austria. The first time we visited Trento a year ago we were not even sure we were still in Italy. Many signs were in both Italian and German, we couldn’t recognise half of the food items in local restaurants, while beer drinkers seemed to outnumber wine drinkers. And yet there remains something distinctly Italian, and the area itself is out of this world gorgeous. The mountains, the lakes, the rugged outdoors reminded us so much of our beautiful home in British Columbia. The centuries old architecture made it unmistakingly clear we were in Europe.
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Food Fiesta {Spain-Part II}


Falling in love with Spain is a quick and easy affair. It sweeps you off your feet as soon as you touch the ground and have a few moments to take in all the beauty and aromas of the land. Coming from busy and fast-paced London it is not surprising we were enchanted by the locals’ charm and their leisurely lifestyle. And then there is Spanish food because that’s why you are really here, right?
I have loads of pictures for you some taken with my Canon and some with my iPhone, that big camera gets so heavy after a while!Breakfast in Spain
We started our journey in Valencia, the birthplace of the famous Paella which became known to the rest of the world as Paella Valenciana-a colourful rice dish filled with a mixture of chicken and seafood, flavoured with saffron, to this day, a spice more expensive than gold.
Here is my take on the traditional dish cooked with all the local ingredients. If you are interested in the recipe you can find it in one of my previous posts.Paella Valenciana
If you asked me to describe Spanish food, the words of one of my co-workers, who spent years teaching in Spain, come to mind. He described their cuisine as this, “Spanish food is either yellow, orange or red and very simple.” Simple but by no means plain!




When a waiter asked if I wanted my Sangria “grande” or “pequeño” what do you think I chose? _MG_2311

Spanish food is vibrant in both taste and appearance and although you might expect some similarities with Mexican food, I know we did, it’s nothing like it. The most famous and the most used ingredient in Spanish cuisine is chorizo. We quickly learned that if you cook with it you don’t need to add any more spices, it delivers quite a flavour punch on its own! My absolute favourite Spanish delicacy is Jamón serrano or Serrano Ham, which is very similar to Italian Prosciutto Crudo. My kids love it as well which made Spain an easy country to travel with kids. Serrano Ham Here is Mitchell having his second breakfast of bread and Serrano Ham with a simple tomato dip. _MG_2334
Spanish diet is Mediterranean, heavy on fruit, salads, fish and olive oil. Spain has the highest life expectancy in Europe. Despite the apparent economic crisis and high unemployment rate Spaniards seem to know how to sort out their priorities and enjoy life despite the circumstances.

A typical breakfast. Coffee and a croissant.Breakfast in Spain

Can you believe a family of 4 left all this mess?Breakfast in Spain
Then comes lunch, the biggest meal of the day in Spain. It is usually eaten between 2-4 in the afternoon, slowly and with mucho enjoyment. Here is the lunch we had on our last day. It comes in 2 courses.
First. Paella. Garlic Rice with Shrimp. My giant mojito. Paella
Second. Lamb Sirloin with Parmesan Potatoes. Panfried Fish with grilled zucchini and eggplant slices and charred padron peppers.lunch in Valencia And our very adventurous children went for a giant cheeseburger. Oh well, they had a lot of foreign food so I guess they came to their end. 🙂IMG_2082_2
A midday merienda. (A variety of macarons sold at McDonald’s. I know crazy stuff!)
And one of many suppers. Traditionally, supper in Spain is much lighter than lunch and eaten quite late around 9-11 in the evening. It’s not unusual to have a salad or a sandwich or a variety of tapas. We loved having a selection of cured meats, Manchego cheese, olives and sliced tomatoes and peppers drizzled with lemon juice and olive oil. When vegetables taste as good as they do in Spain all you need for a dressing is that-lemon juice and olive oil!
Spanish cured meats and cheesesSpanish cured meats and cheeses

A common sight.  Tapas bar in Valencia.Tapas bar in Valencia

As much as I love cured meats and cheeses I went absolutely mad for all the tasty vegetables and fruit. Oh how I love the land where orange trees grow along the sidewalks and restaurant owners use their fruit as paper weight to keep napkins from being blown away by a light breeze. Orange Tree
where the landscapes look like this._MG_2693
and we are forced to slow down and enjoy each other and delicious ice cream.Valencia, Spain
Spain definitely charmed its way into our hearts  and will  be back.IMG_1952

Sun and Sea


There are not too many things more calming and definitely only a handful as majestic as the sea. Just having returned from our family holiday in Spain a couple of days ago naturally I am going through a major withdrawal.
Plenty of fun times with my littles ones while jumping through waves, playing UNO and devouring inordinate amount of delicious food… hot and beautiful evenings with my love… the feeling of warm sunshine on my skin and the taste of salt water on my lips… images of peaceful retirement in a warm, sunshiny paradise.  Happy memories and even better dreams.
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Fiesta-My Travels in Spain


I read “Fiesta, The Sun also Rises” by Ernest Hemingway in my early teens and it was my first introduction to the charm, beauty and mystery of Spain. For a couple of decades I could only dream and imagine what it would be like to spend some time immersed in the magic like Hemingway did and get inspired…

Dreams do come come true. I am so happy I can share with you the visual account of the four of us walking the endless cobblestones of Valencia.

_MG_2305-2 _MG_2262 _MG_2257-2 _MG_2255-2 _MG_2187-3 _MG_2177-2 _MG_2173-3_MG_2248_MG_2250_MG_2210_MG_2218_MG_2237_MG_2207_MG_2252_MG_2296_MG_2155_MG_2158_MG_2082_MG_2092
Although my little travellers got tired I couldn’t help thinking how will these early experiences shape their life and worldview, what will they be inspired to create?_MG_2183-3
P.S. One of the highlights was spotting a young backpacker sitting on steps leading to the city square and reading “Fiesta”. In Spain.