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Fiesta-My Travels in Spain


I read “Fiesta, The Sun also Rises” by Ernest Hemingway in my early teens and it was my first introduction to the charm, beauty and mystery of Spain. For a couple of decades I could only dream and imagine what it would be like to spend some time immersed in the magic like Hemingway did and get inspired…

Dreams do come come true. I am so happy I can share with you the visual account of the four of us walking the endless cobblestones of Valencia.

_MG_2305-2 _MG_2262 _MG_2257-2 _MG_2255-2 _MG_2187-3 _MG_2177-2 _MG_2173-3_MG_2248_MG_2250_MG_2210_MG_2218_MG_2237_MG_2207_MG_2252_MG_2296_MG_2155_MG_2158_MG_2082_MG_2092
Although my little travellers got tired I couldn’t help thinking how will these early experiences shape their life and worldview, what will they be inspired to create?_MG_2183-3
P.S. One of the highlights was spotting a young backpacker sitting on steps leading to the city square and reading “Fiesta”. In Spain.