Rudolph, the red meat reindeer…


There is a chain of stores in the UK called Lidl and anyone who has lived in Europe will immediately smile as soon as they hear the name as the chain has a presence in a few European countries. That store is truly amazing for two reasons-their low prices and their absolutely the most random and unpredictable selection of the stock they carry. I am not sure how they manage to keep the prices down but I am guessing it’s due to the European Union free trade laws and also because they sell the least known and recognized brands from all over Europe.
Searching of the unexpected discovery of the week is one of my favourite reasons for going there. What will I find at Lidl today? It was the store that had frozen turkeys in October just in time for Canadian Thanksgiving while no other store in all of London would bring them in till late November for the Christmas season.
As per my usual custom after I drop the kidlets at school I stop at Lidl once a week or twice, maybe thrice who is counting. Am I ever glad I stopped this week because I was not disappointed! They had everything you would EVER want-from recorders and ukuleles to reindeer steaks and Cherry Schnapps! It is not a big store! When I got to the frozen meat section all of my usual restraint got up and left and this is what I came away with…

Siberian Reindeer, Venison, a Duck and a Goose

And a ukulele. Not for myself. Honestly.

While I was hauling this unusually heavy lot to my flat I couldn’t stop thinking of what kind of Christmas and post-Christmas meals I will be cooking. Aren’t you curious about what is going to come out of the Vikalinka’s kitchen? Come and visit often! Great things are coming!!

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